About Covert Garage

It all started with license plate covers. I got tired of scribbling over my license plate in pictures. I thought to myself, "Hey Ethan, you should do something about that".... so I did. Covert Plates was born with magnetic license plate covers. People seemed to like them so I thought "Hey Ethan, let's do something more"...... so I did that too. Covert Garage​ was born to keep selling and improving license plate covers, but also to provide other awesome gear. It is designed to be a community of like minded people with like minded interests; cars, trucks, and freedom. I even made a YouTube channel to showcase the products and people of the garage.
We've come a long way since creating the first license plate cover; and we have a long way to go. I am so excited to have you as part of the journey.


Welcome to the garage!
-Ethan at Covert Garage